Pro tailored for learning support 

Learning Content

Parking, three point turns, traffic lights, roundabouts, give ways and many more manoeuvres as well as traffic rules are explained with narratives and short instructional videos and photos.

Before your practice, use Licence Ready to learn manoeuvres and traffic rules on a computer at home.

Quick review on your mobile while away from home.

Driving Lessons

The Pro feature makes Licence Ready the perfect companion for learner drivers and their supervisors. Either can set objectives for each drive, reference the learning goals, and select topics to focus on.

Licence Ready allows supervisors to mark feedback once a drive concludes. Learners have more control than ever over their own education.

Design your experience

Use your mobile to practies your design and record your experience.

Review your experience

Licence Ready Lite

For online log book recording


  • Secure backups.
  • Email and phone support.
  • Online instant help within the app.
  • Live chat for support from the app.


  • Secure connections.
  • Your personal data is encrypted on our server.
  • Your personal data not stored on your mobile devices.

Progress Monitoring

  • Star ratings for drive quality.
  • Graphical presentation of progress.
  • Hours completed and remaining, including night requirement.
  • Automatic capture of most data.

Learning Goals

  • Manoeuvres explained with narratives.
  • Traffic rules explained with narratives.

Licence Ready Pro

For online log book recording and learning support

All Lite features, PLUS...

Learning Goals

  • Full text, animations and photos explaining manoeuvres.
  • Full text, animations and photos explaining traffic rules.

Progress monitoring

  • Learner skill status summary and detail.

Drive Planning tools

  • Plan a drive in advance to the practice.
  • Draw the practice route yourself.
  • Share planned practice routes with friends.
  • Download predefined practice routes.

Benefits of Planning

  • Less distraction during practice.
  • Keeps the learner calm and in control.
  • Helps the supervisor to teach more effectively.
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