Smart Driving Lessons 

Our Driving Lessons are unlike any other

By combining theory using our ground-breaking Licence Ready App and time-saving teaching aids with practical in-car lessons, we prepare you to pass your Service NSW Driving Test - with fewer paid session.

Manual Car bookings are not available online, Please call 0425 265 176.

Licence Ready difference!

Licence Ready Driving School is dedicated to changing the way learners master driving skills and become calm and confident and safer drivers for everyone, for life.

  • We offer purposeful, focused driving lessons
  • You learn more, quickly and correctly.
  • You feel calm and in control, you remember more.
  • You would need fewer paid lessons, saving you money
  • You become a safe, confident, and aware solo driver
  • We are Log Book experts, we will help you with any Log Books

How we do it

  • Our unique blended learning approach combines expert in-car driving lessons with our world-first Licence Ready Learning App to save you money and deliver amazing results.
  • The full collaboration we facilitate between learner, supervising driver and instructor is proven to be the most effective learn-to-drive method available today.
  • Your Learning is always on
  • Driving Lessons + Unlimited In-App Learning.

Easy steps to success

  • At Licence Ready Driving School, we customise each driving lesson to meet your needs
  • Using our Learning App, you learn the theory in advance to your lesson.
  • You become aware and stay focused, completing the theory at your pace.
  • You feel calm and confident, putting theory into practice in your driving lesson. You remember more.
  • Our app documents your progress and feedback, enabling you to control your learning.

Our flexibility promises

  • You’ll never be locked into a lesson package.
  • Same price applies for Pay upfront or pay as you go
  • Cancel the package and receive a refund for unused lessons.
  • Upgrade to a higher package by paying the difference
  • Family and friends can share packages
  • Use By date of 3 years.

The benefits

  • Our learning method means you don’t need to pay to listen to the theory during your lesson. You save time and money without sacrificing the quality of learning.
  • Our time-saving in-car teaching aids give you more time to practice driving skills on the road.
  • Licence Ready learn to drive app helps supervising drivers to continue to teach you in-between our driving lessons, reducing paid sessions.
  • Licence Ready App records even short drives for your Learner Log Book. Every minute of driving experience counts.

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