Dummies Guide for Learning to Drive MANUAL cars

In this generation of automatic cars, and the driverless cars on the horizon, manual cars have their own unique place.

Manual cars are relatively cheaper to buy and maintain. They are very engaging to drive, make you focus on your driving, keeping you always alert and safe These cars offer you better control over the vehicle allowing you to drive the car for your benefit and safety.

Manoeuvring the manual cars can be mastered very easily and safely.

This guide helps in building the basic necessary skills that are required in manoeuvring a manual car. These basic skills provide an enjoyable learning experience making the learning process an easy and rewarding experience.

At Licence Ready we have developed a set of easily repeatable steps (or exercises) that help in acquiring these basic skills. These exercises can be applied throughout the learning process in variety of situations in easily, safely and smoothly manoeuvring manual cars.

This guide provides an insight into how easily and safely manoeuvring the manual car can be mastered.

This guide also helps as a resource for your manual car driving lessons with manual driving instructors.

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Dummies guide for Learning to drive MANUAL cars.

This guide has been developed by manual car driving instructors with several years of experience in teaching to drive manual cars.

This guide includes a 5-lessons learning program that helps the learners to acquire the skill of manoeuvring manual cars in easy progressive steps in variety of situation and comply to the traffic rules.

The 5-lesson learning program help the manual driving schools to offer cost effective lessons, helps the manual driving instructors in planning lessons and helps the learners to learn to drive manual cars, easily making it, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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