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Customers come to Licence Ready Driving School for many different reasons:

They all have one goal: To create safer drivers for everyone. Licence Ready Driving School is committed to provide best driving lessons that are competitively priced and meet the needs of all types of customers.

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Happy families are Licence Ready families

It’s hard enough to imagine that a 16-year-old is ready to sit behind the wheel of a car. It’s also daunting when 120 hours of Learner Log Book driving experience stretches ahead of you.

Starting your young driver with Licence Ready Driving School Lessons allows them to learn right, learn more and learn faster with greater knowledge retention. It also allows you to supervise them using the Licence Ready App.

You’ll be able to collaborate without conflict and have access to the most up to date and correct driving techniques, road rules and road safety.

Replace your worry with our wisdom

Some parents and guardians come to us because their child is over confident behind the wheel. This may result in more aggressive driving, the tendency to speed without awareness and other unsafe driving practices.

If you have grave concerns about the future of your child’s driving safety, Licence Ready can help. We tailor our blended learning program to channel their over confidence and appetite to drive into developing skilled and aware drivers who are safer for everyone.

Transforming nervous drivers into on-road gurus

Drivers of any age can be nervous for many different reasons. Some feel threatened by so much to think about and remember on the road. For others, a past accident may increase the anxiety that the same thing could happen to them.

Licence Ready’s proven methodology takes away the fear and stress of learning to drive and replaces it with calmness and confidence. As a result, nervous drivers learn to keep their driving focused and purposeful and feel safer knowing they’re in control.

Giving mature learners freedom

Some learners come to us later in life having put off the daunting task of learning to drive. More often than not, a change in personal circumstances such as a new job, the arrival of a baby or moving to a new area where public transport is difficult means they need to drive.

Licence Ready Driving School simplifies the learn-to-drive process with a structured learning environment that’s flexible to your learning style and the skills you need to develop the most.

Arming independent learners with the means to accelerate

Are you living away from home? If you’re taking on the responsibility of paying for your driving lessons, you want to make sure that you save money by quickly learning the right way. We provide independent learners with the knowledge and driving skills needed to excel, within the available budget.

Helping hearing impaired

The structure of Licence Ready’s Driving Lessons is adaptable to meet the needs, pace and skill level of your child. Our Licence Ready App particularly helps young people who are deaf or hard of hearing to master the theory and build confidence before they get behind the wheel.

If your child has a learning difficulty, contact us on 1300 076 971 to discuss how Licence Ready can help.

Breaking down the language barrier to become a safer driver

If English is not your first language, don’t worry! Licence Ready’s blended learning helps break down any language barrier. Our Licence Ready App uses animations to help you understand the theory, so you’re more confident and informed before you start your practical lessons.

Empowering young people to reach their driving potential

Some young drivers with learning difficulties need an enormous number of lessons to succeed, possibly around 50 to 100 or even more. As a parent, you won’t be able to teach your children in the same way as a professional instructor. Therefore, helping them to become a safe and aware driver can cost a great deal of money.

At Licence Ready, we can help your children succeed by:

  • Providing the Licence Ready App to explain road rules, manoeuvres, safe driving practices and give you guidelines for teaching your learner.
  • Providing full support for the App.
  • Combining our in-car teaching aids and App learning with professional driving instruction to make a significant difference to your learner.
  • Significantly reducing the number of paid lessons using the Licence Ready App.

Easy transition to safe driving in Australia

Many of our customers with overseas licences have driven for years in their home countries. While the Australian licencing system is flexible, greater emphasis is placed on safe driving. Our newly-arrived overseas customers can manoeuvre their vehicles well, but we see a significant lack of knowledge regarding Australian road rules and safe driving skills.

90% of the learners who go directly to Service NSW to take their driving test fail if they don't take lessons from driving schools. This percentage is higher in the case of overseas licence holders

Licence Ready highly recommends taking driving lessons with a professional instructor to save time and money and become a safer driver on Australian roads.

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