Smart Driving Lessons

Licence Ready App

Of course! We offer traditional-style driving lessons, and you don't have to do anything with the App. Our instructors do use technology as a teaching aid to explain clearly and help you understand quickly, for example, to play animations on the iPad. This saves time, and you get to drive more in our lessons.

Absolutely! If you can use a smartphone, you won’t have any problem using our App.

Our App is designed for all levels of technology users, including those with learning difficulties or language barriers. A Licence Ready Instructor will help you install the App on your phone, demonstrates how it works and makes sure you’re comfortable with it. In the unlikely event that you’re not comfy using it, our flexibility guarantee allows you to cancel and get a refund or we can give you traditional style of driving lessons without using the App. Licence Ready also provides free support 24/7 by phone or email, or where possible in person.

In the google Play store or Apple App store, search for “Licence Ready” and download the way download any app. Alternatively we can help over the phone or through eMail or in-person if required.

You’ll receive free telephone and email support. If you’re based in the Sydney metro area, we may be able to provide person-to-person support free of charge.

Yes, GPS tracking is available. It will allow you to switch on the GPS through the App prior to starting your lesson. Automatically logs route map of your journey, travel time, distance travelled, the suburb names and the road names you have driven through into the App.

The app also allows to switch-off the GPS tracking if you prefer to do so.

Absolutely! Licence Ready allows drawing an intended practice route using google maps, as part of planning the practice drive.

Getting Your Learner Licence

Congratulations on reaching 16! To get your Learner Licence, you’ll need to:

  • visit a Service NSW Centre,
  • prove your age and identity
  • pass a Driver Knowledge Test
  • pass an eyesight test
  • pay the licence and test fees.

3 For 1 Learner Log Book Hours

For every 1 hour driving lesson completed with a Licenced Driving Instructor, you can record 3 hours of driving experience in your Learner Log Book. A maximum of 10 hours is accepted by Service NSW, equating to 30 hours driving experience. Once you’ve recorded all your 3 for 1 hours, you can and should still continue with lessons if you feel they are beneficial. They will simply be recorded as the actual number of minutes.

Absolutely! Licence Ready is recognised by Transport for NSW and Service NSW as official digital Log Book. After completing all required hours and meeting all Log Book submission criteria, you will be able to directly submit your Log Book to Service NSW strait from Licence Ready app.

Yes. Currently, you don’t have to complete a Learner Driver Log Book if you:

  • Are aged 25 years and over
  • Previously held an NSW or interstate driver licence, other than a Learner Licence
  • Previously held an overseas licence other than a Learner Licence
  • Hold an overseas licence, other than a Learner Licence, and are issued with a Learner Licence after you failed a driving test
  • Transport for NSW specifically exempts you.


We believe in ’best value learning’ for new drivers that costs less time, money and anxiety. At the same time, you experience more of the right information, active driving skills development and collaboration between learner, instructor and supervising driver.

Driving Test

If you are under 25 years of age: You need to have held your Learner Licence for a minimum of 12 months and completed at least 120 hours of driving practice (including 20 hours of night driving) before you can apply for a Provisional P1 Licence and take your test.

If you are over 25 years of age, you are exempt from the abovementioned conditions. Click here to visit the Transport for NSW website to find out more

No driving school will be able to tell you exactly how many lessons you need to pass the test. The number of lessons depends on lots of factors such as your ability to co-ordinate vehicle controls smoothly, your knowledge of road rules and test requirements, and your driving experience and frequency of lessons.

We’re the only driving school that allows you to cap your paid lessons. What’s more, we help you draw up a strategy that helps you take fewer paid lessons and still reach your goal.

To help you take fewer paid lessons, we give you access to our Licence Ready App that explains road rules, manoeuvres and safe driving practices in narratives and animations. The App also provides tools and the guidelines for your supervising drivers to help maintain continuity of practice in-between our lessons. Licence Ready provides a summary of your practice and the progress you’re making. This helps to keep your learning a consistent and controlled progress.

No. Only the Service NSW staff can do that. We offer mock tests to make sure you’re fully prepared, and we’ll be able to talk you through the process to alleviate any concerns.

Customers With Overseas Licences

Absolutely! We can help you prepare for the Service NSW Driving Test. During your first lesson, we assess your skills and then recommend the driving instruction program needed before your Service NSW Driving Test.

Driving in Australia with new road rules and possibly on the different side of the road can be daunting. During your first lesson, we assess your skills and recommend a customised program that helps you become a safe and aware driver in NSW.

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