Like it simple   or   Get involved

Licence Ready can help either way.

Change your mind any time? No worries! Continue as you wish.

Save on Mobile data

To log-in you’ll need the internet. This could use either mobile data or WiFi.

Once logged-in, when you are out and about, you may disable mobile data.

The drives recorded and signed-off without mobile data will be automatically synchronised when you regain an internet connection.


Licence Ready is available on Windows or Mac computers through Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. A specific app is provided for Android or iOS phones and tablets.

Your log book will be AUTOMATICALLY synchronised across multiple devices allowing you to log in to any device at any time to see your current log book status.

Sign-up and log-in made easy

Sign-up and log-in using email or Facebook or Google+.

Simply tap for Sign-up and Log-in using Facebook or Google+ credentials.

If you like, you can even learn to drive

Get instructional videos (Get it on request) for parking, three point turn, traffic lights, roundabouts, give ways and many more. Each is explained with short videos or photos.

Upgrading to PRO user (Get it on request), lets you, your supervisor or instructor plan lessons and design practice routes, helping you to learn more and quicker.

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