Logbook FAQs 

GPS related

Yes, absolutely!

When you start a drive, GPS is automatically enabled.

You may disable GPS immediately after starting a drive, in the “Recording in-progress” screen by tapping on the GPS icon.

GPS automatically captures the locations where you drive and populates them in your experience record for you.

Licence Ready will prompt you for your vehicle’s Start-Odometer reading but GPS then captures the distance travelled and calculates the End-Odometer reading in your experience record for you.

Supported devices

Licence Ready works on:

  • Phone 5 onwards (iPhone5 and above) and iPads with iOS V10.0 onwards.
  • Android mobile phones and tablets with operating system V4.4 onwards.
  • Windows computers using Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Apple computers using the Safari browser.

File sizes

Licence Ready uses approximately 50 MB of storage on both iOS and Android devices.

The Pro version will also download around 74 MB of data when you first sign in.

Web and Mobile apps?

This works on computers using Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers by logging-in at www.licenceready.com.au.

This is downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store onto a mobile device (tablet or smart phone).

Web App:

The Web app does not store anything within your computer. Every time an experience record is created or changed it will be synchronised across all related accounts. This will require an internet connection, so as each mobile device connects, it will automatically be updated with changes made via the Web app.

Every time an experience record or animation or photo is viewed, it is downloaded from the server unless already cached.

Mobile App:

The Mobile app uses very little mobile data. Every time an experience record is created or changed it will be first stored within the mobile device and then updates your account when an internet connection is available.

Every time an experience record or animation or photo is viewed, it is shown using data already stored within the mobile device. This is why ongoing mobile data usage is light.

Suggested device settings!

Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services set to “ON”
On the same page, scroll through the list of apps to find Licence Ready. Tap on Licence Ready and choose “Always” from the options.

Settings -> Battery >> set Low Power Mode to “OFF”.
If you want Low power mode ON, keep Licence Ready running in the foreground and switch off the display while recording your drive.

Keep at least 1.5 GB of free storage on your device so that Licence Ready works well in offline mode.

This will help save your drive experiences on your mobile device when there is no internet connection or when reception is poor.

Samsung Galaxy devices *:

Settings >> Connections >> set Location to “ON”.
Tap Location and set locating method to “High accuracy”

Other devices *:

Go to Settings, find Location services and set Location to “ON”.
Select the location mode as “High accuracy”.

* Each manufacturer presents Android’s settings in a slightly different manner, which may even vary from one model to another from the same manufacturer. You may, for instance, find Location under a General or Privacy, or Personal section.

Settings Device maintenance Battery set power saving mode to “OFF”.For the Galaxy S8 onwards Turn off the App power monitor for Licence Ready.For more information on the S8.

Refer to https://androidforums.com/threads/stop-the-galaxy-s8-from-auto-sleeping-your-apps.1141445/

Keep at least 1.0 GB of free storage on your device so that Licence Ready works well in offline mode.

This will help save your drive experiences on your mobile device when there is no internet connection or when reception is poor.

Other performance related suggestions!

You are advised to close other apps that are not required on your device while recording your drives.

This will improve performance of your device and help to sign-off the drive without any hassles.

Remember too that you are not allowed to interact with your phone for any reason while driving. This includes the use of GPS navigation and music players.

Licence Ready, like any other app, will struggle to connect and use significantly more battery at such times. When the app reports poor internet service, it’s best to switch off “mobile data”.

When there is better reception or a WiFi connection, Licence Ready will automatically sync your drive experience data with your online account.

Product Support

You may receive support either through support@licenceready.com.au or by calling 1300 076 971

Learning goals

The paper log book lists twenty learning goals, with some brief notes to explain each. The Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is all about road rules. When combined, the learner should begin to adopt safe driving practices.

Licence Ready combines road rules, skills and driver behaviour to present coaching that enhances what is inferred through the paper log book and the DKT. The Pro version extends this significantly with text and animations. Licence Ready is designed to build your skills, not just your knowledge. It works hard at making you a safer driver, not just someone who could pass a test!

Internet requirements

No Problem! When the internet is not available, Licence Ready automatically works in “off-line” mode.

Follow the steps mentioned below if you have no internet connection:

  1. Simply open the Licence Ready app and start a drive.
  2. Follow the prompts to record and sign-off your drive. When the internet is not available, the drive data will be stored within the mobile device.
  3. When you next have an internet connection the data will be automatically uploaded and synchronised across all related accounts.

Note that this does not refer to a single drive. You can go on holidays to a remote area and do many drives before reconnecting. When you do have coverage (or WiFi), all the data will be updated.

Note that Licence Ready cannot record your drive if you haven’t yet logged in. Once you have used the app at least once on your phone or tablet, you will remain logged in, so the scenario above will apply.

Getting your learner Licence

Congratulations on reaching 16! To get your Learner Licence, you’ll need to:

  • Visit a Service NSW Centre.
  • Prove your age and identity.
  • Pass the Driver Knowledge Test.
  • Pass an eyesight test.
  • Pay the licence and test fees.

More information on this question is available at the Service NSW website.

Driving Test and Log Book

If you are under 25 years of age, before you can sit for your driving test you must do the following:

  • Hold your Learner Licence for 12 months.
  • Complete 120 hours of supervised driving practice, including at least 20 hours of night driving.
  • Complete the Hazard Perception Test (a separate booking is required). You can do this after holding the Learner Licence for 10 months.
  • Record your driving experience in an electronic log book, such as Licence Ready, or the paper log book provided by Service NSW.
  • You and your supervisor must sign-off (within the log book) all 20 learning goals to say they have been completed.
  • You and your supervisor each sign a declaration of completion in the Log Book.
  • If using an electronic log book, it must be submitted at least 48 hours before your driving test time.

If you are 25 or over, you must still do the Hazard Perception Test prior to doing the practical driving test.

A Service NSW testing officer will check your Log Book for completion before commencing your driving test. Your vehicle will also be checked to ensure that all indicator and brake lights work, and that tyres have sufficient tread. The test will not proceed if this check fails.

The paper log book defines 20 learning goals. Licence Ready expands these goals to better assist the learner to adopt low risk driving behaviours. The goals include a combination of road rule knowledge, control skills, strong hazard awareness and good attitude.

Yes! You don’t have to complete a Learner Driver Log Book if you:

  • Are aged 25 years or over.
  • Have previously held an Australian driver’s licence, other than a Learner Licence.
  • Have previously held an overseas licence other than a Learner Licence.
  • Hold an overseas licence, other than a Learner Licence, and are issued with a Learner Licence after you failed a driving test.
  • Have been exempted by Transport for NSW.

Yes. You can claim up to 40 hours of Log Book credits.

There are two ways to claim Log Book credits:

  1. Whenever you do a lesson with a Driving School, every hour is recorded as three hours in your log book. This has a maximum of 10 actual hours.
  2. If you do the Safer Drivers Course, you will be given another 20 hours credit in your logbook. You must have 50 actual hours in your book before you can do the SDC.

Structured driving lessons from professional driving instructors are called 3-for-1 lessons.

You may take any number of professional lessons but only the first 10 hours will earn you credits. Each hour of professional driving lessons, including night lessons, will be counted as 3 hours in your Log Book.

If a professional lesson is taken during the night, the actual time is counted towards night practice hours and twice that number is counted as day practice hours.

There is a maximum limit of 3 actual hours in a day for professional driving lessons. Your driving instructor must sign a declaration for all 3-for-1 lessons.

If you do the Safer Drivers Course you will have 20 hours credited in your Log Book.

To opt for the Safer Driver course, you must have completed a minimum of 50 hours of actual driving practice (without any extra credit hours).

The course is run in two modules.

Module-1 is a three-hour classroom session where a dozen or so L-platers discuss driving risks with a facilitator.

Once you complete Module-1, you become eligible to do Module-2.

Module-2 is a two-hour on-road session where two learners and a coach explore real world driving behaviours.

On completion of Module-2 you will receive 20 hours of extra credits in your Log Book.

Log Book Options

No, you don’t have to use the paper Log Book. When you do your test you’ll have to submit ONE Log Book form only. You cannot present half of your hours in a paper Log Book and the other half in digital form. We therefore advise that you make this decision early.

No!. You have to choose one of the apps approved by Service NSW. If in doubt, check their website.

Absolutely! Each digital Log Book app lets you transfer your hours from the paper Log Book to their digital form.

When transferring your experience records from the paper Log Book to an app, each entry in the digital Log Book needs to be signed-off again by the respective supervisor. You may need to contact your driving instructor.

Problems with the Paper Log Book?

There are many issues with the paper Log Book, some of which have prevented tests from going ahead.

  • It’s easy to make mistakes when entering the details.
  • Entries need to be entered in a certain format otherwise you risk rejection on the day of your driving test.
  • Cumbersome calculations are involved.
  • A quick check on learner progress is not possible.
  • It’s not easy to share with supervisors in building skills of the learner.
  • The book can get lost or damaged resulting in loss of experience records.
  • It’s inconvenient to carry (for instance, remembering to take it to school in readiness for an after school drive).
  • A forgotten or misplaced Log Book may result in unrecorded driving experiences.

Benefits of digital Log Book!

Licence Ready helps you avoid mistakes.

  • It captures the data for your experience record in the format accepted by Service NSW.
  • Most data is captured automatically.
  • It’s convenient to access the Log Book on computer, tablet or smart phones.
  • Required calculations are performed automatically.
  • It lets learners connect with their supervising drivers and instructors, helping to build better skills.
  • Learners, supervisors and driving instructors can review progress at their convenience.
  • It doesn’t get damaged or lost. Backups are maintained.
  • You’ll never miss even a short drive. Every minute counts.

Licence Ready help documents

Click on the link below to download the document explaining how Licence Ready can be used by instructors.

Licence Ready for instructors v1.0

Click on the link below to download the document explaining how Safer Driver Course modules can be processed using simple process.

Licence Ready SDC modules simple v1.0

Click on the link below to download the document explaining how Safer Driver Course modules can be processed using flexible process.

Licence Ready SDC modules flexible v1.0
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