Driving School in Chatswood

Book your driving lessons in Chatswood or attend a Safer Drivers Course

Your local Chatswood driving school from Licence Ready is unlike any other. We recognize that every customer has a different lifestyle, purpose, budget and needs. That's why our driving instructors fit your bookings to suit your lifestyle, and so they plan and conduct lessons to fit your budget, your purpose, and your needs.

Our expert driving instructors have extensive knowledge of Chatswood and surrounding areas and the nearest Service NSW test centres. This enables them to choose the appropriate streets or roads for practice building your skills and finally they will suggest an appropriate Service NSW test centre nearest to you.

At Licence Ready's driving school in Chatswood, we combine theory using our ground-breaking Licence Ready App and time-saving teaching aids with practical and purposeful in-car lessons. Using this method, we prepare you to pass your Service NSW Driving Test - with fewer paid sessions.

For any reason, if you prefer not to use our online tools, you don’t have to. However, our driving instructor will use them to offer you the best service.

During your driving lessons in Chatswood our driving school instructors don’t waste your time with vague hand gestures, and hand drawings. They use high-tech in-car teaching aids to help you understand concepts in the shortest possible time, leaving you more time for practice driving on the road.

If you are under 25 years of age, our Licence Ready app is accepted as a digital logbook by Service NSW and Transport for NSW. For up to 10 hours of lessons, each hour is counted as 3 hours in your logbook, so by availing 10 hours of lessons with Licence Ready's Chatswood driving school you will get 30 hours in your logbook.

Licence Ready's driving school in Chatswood offers flexible driving lessons 7 days a week, from 6 AM to 10 PM. For pricing, click here and for service areas click here.

If you are also looking for a Safer Driver's Course in Chatswood we have regular dates scheduled in the area. By attending one of these 5 hour courses on a weekend, you can gain 20 hours added to your log book.

To schedule your first driving lesson with our Chatswood Driving School, speak with us directly on 1300 076 971. We are here to help you.

Staff in Chatswood

1300 076 971
9:00am to 5:00pm
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