Safe Vehicle Awareness


The lemon Car is an independent business with similar aims, so we work together.

Students learn about judging the safety and legality of a used car so that they will hopefully not buy a “death trap”, nor a financial burden.

In this session demonstration of “THE LEMON CAR” with faults is used. After Learning about roaworthiness, legal and illegal modifications and fines they are asked to identify the faults in the lemon car.

Price :($8 per student)

Approximately 100 plus students are ideal for this activity, which is run in two seperate sessions.

Total duration : 2 hours (Conducted as two seperate one hour back to back sessions.)

Price : $8 per student.

Session group size : 50 students

Session duration : 1 hour

After the conclusion of the first session the second session commences with another group of 50 students.

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