Distracted and Drowsy Impaired Driving


Suitable for learner drivers as well as P-platers in year 10 to year 12. 

Students experience simulated impairment effects caused by distraction and fatigue, which they can relate to driving.

In this session we demonstrate , in an entertaining way, impaiment due to distractions(such as texting and using mobile phones) and fatigue using simulation goggles and either an activity mat or remote control toy cars.

Students are provided with documents and websites explaining distracted driving, how it can happen consequences. At the end of the session students are asked to fill in a qusetionnaire for self-assessment of their knowledge of distracted driving.

Approximately 100 students are ideal for this activity, which is run in two seperate sesions.

Total Duration : 2 hours
(Conducted as two seperate one hour back to back sessions.)

Price: Sydney metropolitan are : $250 includes two one hour sessions.

Regional NSW : $200 includes two one hour sessions plus reasonable travel and accommodation costs, which will be negotiated.

Session group size : 50 students

Two sets of the same activity are run concurrently with 25 students each.

Each set is provided with an activity mat and a set of goggles.

Session duration : 1 hour

After the conclusion of the first session the second session commences with another group of 50 students.

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