Alcohol Impaired Driving and Distracted Driving 


Suitable for P-platers in year 11 and year 12

We offer Alcohol impaired driving and distracted driving activities concurrently in a session.

Approximately 100 students are ideal for this activity, which is conducted in two seperate sessions.

Sydney metropolitan area Price : $250 includes two sessions.

Regional NSW : $200 includes two sessions plus reasonable travel and accommodation costs, which will be negotiated.

Session group size : 50 students.

Two seperate demonstrations of alcohol impaired driving and ditracted driving are conducted concurrently with a set of 25 students each. Each group is provided with an activity mat and a pair of alcohol impairment simulation goggles and a pair of distracted driving googles respectively.

After the conclusion one activity the students swap to the other activity.

Session duration : 1 hour

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