Safe Driving Awareness


Year 9 : These are mostly pre-learners. We’d like to challenge their thinking now rather than after they start lrarning. It’s a time for them to start adopting responsible attitudes, and refusing to accept the dangerous and irresponsible attitudes of peers.

Year 10 : Most of these students will have their L-plates or will be getting very close to having them. It’s time for some very positive input to influence both skills and attitudes. We also discuss their transition from passenger to being a supervised driver.

Year 11-12 : The target audience here is students who are getting to the end of their time on L’s or who have already progressed to P’s. We challenge whether they are ready and talk about low-risk driving strategies. We also discuss their transition from suspend driving to solo driving and remind them of how important a good attitude is.

Preferred group size : up to 100 students.

Session duration : One hour.

Audio visuals (projector and sound system) are required for these sessions.

Price :
Sydney metropolitan area : $200
Regional NSW : $150 plus reasonable travel and accommodation costs, which will be negotiated.

These workshops can be combined with other activities to save on travel and accommodation costs.

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