Testimonials - Sunder Chalasani

5 Stars

Hayley Kepert

Sunder has been fantastic. Very patient with a very new an nervous learner. Will definitely be back

5 Stars

Prince Dhiman

Sunder is a very experienced trainer. His techniques really helped me to get the license in first attempt after only 6 hours of training. Thank you so much Sunder.

5 Stars

Jannine Chandab

Extremely friendly and helpful!!

5 Stars

Deklan Manley

Thank you Sunder , my son passed his test and feels very confident driving

5 Stars

Stephen Ramsay

Sam is very patient, informative and is clear in his communication with his Lessons.
Sam has made me more comfortable driving a manual car.

5 Stars

Kim Hermanns

Sunder was very patient and professional.

5 Stars

James James Abadi

Sunder was really easy going and taught me the best way to learn manual. Would highly recommend coming to license ready.

5 Stars

Stuart Clark

"Great app and great support if required. So easy to log all the hours and check off the skills needed."


5 Stars

Kaveh Faghani

“Sunder is very calm, patient and an incredible teacher. He helped me with learning manual, and was a great person to learn from. I highly recommend him! ”


5 Stars

Patrick Kwok

"Great lesson in manual. Learnt how to drive in 2 hours, and cheaper than other places!"


5 Stars

Heather wilczynski

“Sunder was absolutely amazing. Knowledgeable, communicative, calm and so professional. My daughter passed the first time. She passed because of Sunder.”


5 Stars

Jimmy Santos

"Sunder has a nice calm manner perfectly suited to teaching new manual drivers"


5 Stars

Kalia w

“Sunder is an extremely patient and friendly instructor. He provides well-timed instructions and remains professional and understanding towards new learners. Not only does he teach you how to drive safely on the road, he also gives you tips on good driving techniques. I highly recommend him!!”


5 Stars

J_ May

"Best instructor I've had. Calm and clear instructions. Fixed my log book as previous instructor had made mistake. Thank you! Corrected techniques that I had learned incorrect way. Learned parking manoeuvre that is fail proof. I feel more confident as a result of a couple lessons"

5 Stars

Manju Sharma

“Excellent customer service, value for money (always over time!), punctual, organised and exceptional teaching skills. Great app with all theory covered. Have never found better! :)”


5 Stars

Jerome Finet

"What an amazing learning experience. Pass on the first test attempt. Great teacher friendly with an easy to use app that really aids in your learning journey. Bringing innovation that changes the learn to drive process."


5 Stars

Taylor Collings

"A really good alternative to the paper logbook, made it a lot quicker when logging drives. The customer support was amazing, responses were quick and very helpful."


5 Stars

Shane Lord

“So now, with over 240+ hours in the front left passenger seat teaching my two daughters to drive, I am finally free to get back to driving myself. It's a long stretch - we who have completed it can all attest to it. But the one thing that made all of it easier was the ability to log all of the required hours in the Licence Ready logbook App."


5 Stars

Francesca Marr

"Licence Ready is the Best Driving School APP. The Licence Ready APP is helpful to all of my learners, as it provides information that supports learners at different levels. It contains very good driving theory, some include animation which learners find easy to understand, remember and then apply."


5 Stars

Madison Mides

“All of the things I was taught were very effective and I have not forgotten anything! Very calm instructor who is very good at explaining manual and keeping the driver calm and comfortable. Highly recommend getting lessons with him.”


5 Stars

Shaun Madden

“Patient and very understanding instructor ! Prices are very flexible and a great initiative with the app."


5 Stars

Janet Maureen Behr

Sunder has been a fantastic instructor for my son. His confidence continues to grow as I feel comfortable with him now driving my own car. Thanks a lot Sunder!


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