How much does it cost to use Licence Ready?

Learners registered on or before 31st December 2015 will be able to use Licence Ready services until provisionally licenced. For free.

Which mobile devices are supported by Licence Ready mobile app?

Licence Ready mobile apps are available for iPhone, iPAD, Android mobile phones and tablets.

Which web browsers are supported by Licence Ready?

Licence Ready supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari (version 6 and above) on Desktop and Mac computers.

Is Licence Ready supported in my country?

At present we are trailing our solution in Australia.

When I am trying to register myself as a learner, it says my email ID is already registered. But I have never registered before, what should I do?

Probably someone registered by mistake using your email ID. Please report this to Licence Ready Support. [email protected]

I am using Licence Ready mobile app as a Supervisor. I can't see my learners in Learners list.

If you have 3 or less learners nominated you as a supervisor, all of them will be automatically download to your mobile when you login.

If there are more than 3 learners, none of them will be downloaded. Please go to Administration screen and tap 'Add Learners(by List)' or 'Add Learner(by Email)' button to download your learners.